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If you are looking for a lawyer in the Santa Comba Dão area contact Pedro Guina Advogados where you can count on someone experienced to show you your options and offer you expert advice.

Are you looking for a lawyer in Santa Comba Dão?

If you are looking for a lawyer in Santa Comba Dão, contact Pedro Guina Lawyers where you can count on someone experienced to show you your options and offer you expert advice. Good decisions made right now can have a strong impact on your future.

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Location in Santa Comba Dão

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Avenida da República, nº 32

3440-322 Santa Comba Dão

We are a law firm in Santa Comba Dão

Here in Santa Comba Dão you can count on a modern and up-to-date law office, which gives a quick and rigorous response to the matters submitted to it. Our office provides services to both individuals and companies here in Santa Comba Dão.

Activity in the various legal branches

Activity in the various legal branches

Exercising our activity in different branches of legal knowledge namely, rights in rem, family law, inheritance, civil, urban planning, criminal, labor, or registration and notary, with a solid background that we seek to constantly update, we always strive to excel in independence, seriousness, and rigor.

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Advocacy services that we provide in Santa Comba Dão

– Elaboration of lease contracts;

– Termination and rescission of lease agreements;

– Procedure for vacating a building and eviction actions;

– Collection of overdue rents from the JUDGES OF PEACE

– Obtaining the Horizontal Property Permit from the City Halls;

– Submission of IMI MODEL I for the constitution of the fractions to the Tax Authority;

– Advice required for the constitution title of horizontal property;

– Elaboration of Condominium Regulations;

– Judicial and extra-judicial collection of condominium fees;

– Condominium owner disputes among themselves;

– Disputes between condominium management and unit owners (and vice versa);

– Divorce actions without the other spouse’s consent;

– Divorce by Mutual Consent;

– Inventories subsequent to divorce for sharing the dissolved couple’s assets;
– Enlistment of the couple’s common property;

– Agreements and processes for regulating parental responsibilities and their noncompliance;

– Actions for payment of maintenance payments from the Child Support Fund;

– Review of Foreign Judgments in the area of family law;

– Wills, extrajudicial partitions, inventory processes, heirs’ rights and death certificates for the Tax Authority;

– Elaboration of labor contracts;

– Follow-up on disciplinary proceedings;

– Labor Actions;

– Monitoring of licensing processes for urbanistic operations and allotment operations;

– Defense in urbanistic administrative offenses and environmental administrative offenses;

If you are looking for a lawyer in Santa Comba Dão, contact us

In Santa Comba Dão you know you can choose a law firm where you can count on total commitment, competence, and experience. We want your contact with the law to be effective and without unnecessary complications. Count on rigor and priority in the result you want.

Career in Law

Bachelor of Laws (2001)

– Postgraduate degree in Planning, Urban Planning and Environmental Law, by the Urban Planning and Environmental Law Study Centre of the Coimbra University Law School University of Coimbra (2002)

– Preparation course for the Center for Judicial Studies exams (2008)

– Continuous evolution and experience through professional practice (2004-2022) as a lawyer, namely in Santa Comba Dão


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