Areas of Expertise

– Elaboration of lease contracts;

– Termination and rescission of lease agreements;

– Procedure for vacating a building and eviction actions;

– Collection of overdue rents using JUSTICE OF PEACE (JP)

– Obtaining the Horizontal Property Permit from the City Halls;

– Submission of IMI MODEL I for the constitution of the fractions to the Tax Authority;

– Advice required for the constitution title of horizontal property;

– Elaboration of Condominium Regulations;

– Judicial and extra-judicial collection of condominium fees;

– Condominium owner disputes among themselves;

– Disputes between condominium management and unit owners (and vice versa);

– Divorce actions without the other spouse’s consent;

– Divorce by Mutual Consent;

– Inventories subsequent to divorce for sharing the dissolved couple’s assets;
– Enlistment of the couple’s common property;

– Agreements and processes for regulating parental responsibilities and their noncompliance;

– Actions for payment of maintenance payments from the Child Support Fund;

– Review of Foreign Judgments in the area of family law;

– Wills, extrajudicial partitions, inventory processes, heirs’ rights and death certificates for the Tax Authority;

– Elaboration of labor contracts;

– Follow-up on disciplinary proceedings;

– Labor Actions;

– Monitoring of licensing processes for urbanistic operations and allotment operations;

– Defense in urbanistic administrative offenses and environmental administrative offenses;

– Defense in road traffic offenses, with or without the accessory sanction of driving disqualification;

– Judicial challenge of traffic violations;

– Legal proceedings in Criminal Law, with monitoring from the inquiry phase, through the eventual instruction, trial and eventual appeal;

– Actions to enforce your right of ownership, usufruct, use and habitation;

– Actions related to building easements, view easements, stilicide easements, accessions, improvements, demarcations, neighbor disputes;

– Precautionary procedures inherent to Real Rights (Common Precautionary Procedure, Provisional Restitution of Possession and Embargo of New Construction);

– Wills, extrajudicial partitions, inventory processes, heirs’ rights and death certificates for the Tax Authority;

– Debt collection actions up to $15,000.00;

– Actions for the delivery of movable things;

– Actions resulting from condominium rights and duties;

– Actions to settle disputes between property owners regarding forced or momentary passage, natural water runoff; defensive water works; living hedges; opening windows, balcony doors and similar works; stylicide; planting shrubs and trees; dividing walls and walls;

– Rent collection in connection with lease agreements;

– Actions concerning contractual and extra-contractual civil liability;

– Actions concerning usucaption and division of common property

– Pre-litigation service through extrajudicial diligences:

– Payment notices sent to debtors;

– Preparation of agreements for payment in installments, with or without guarantee with monitoring of the respective payment process;

– Taking all the necessary steps to recover the VAT on the debts considered “uncollectible”;

– Litigation services (debt collection)

– The preferential use of JUSTICE OF PEACE as a fast and effective way to obtain a conviction and the collection of the respective debt;

– Injunctions;

– Specific Precautionary Seizure Procedures

– Execution based on executive judicial titles (sentences), para-judicial (injunctions) and extrajudicial (checks, bills, acknowledgments of debt)

– Search for real estate and motor vehicles owned by the debtors and capable of satisfying the credit;

– Insolvency proceedings (corporate or individual) and claims;

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